The Shabby Chic Sob

Meaning: to cry profusely over something very beautiful that was not meant to be. “She was doing the shabby chic sob.”.

Yes, dear readers, some unintentionally cruel person has swooped in and bought the house. We can only hope they will restore it to its former glory and not be tempted to rip out every original feature and quirk like so many others. Of course I could also hope they get hit by a bus and the sale doesn’t go through, but that wouldn’t be very nice so we will stick with the hoping the renovation goes well for them thing. 

Ok maybe 90% wishing them well and 10% hoping for that bus. 

So where does that leave theshabbychicproject I hear you ask? Well after I’m done crying in the fetal position I will start the search again and continue posting beautiful things for you lovely people of course!

As they say the show must go on!

Who knows. Maybe our euromillions numbers will come up tomorrow. Then we could buy this little beauty!