The Shabby Chic House Hunt

Sorry we have been so quiet recently: I was buried under a pile of prospective properties and have only just dug my way out! Buying a house second time round is so much more complicated. I only want to think about pretty antique furniture and pastel paints; stop throwing all this boring information at me! I’m sure I’ll get my head around it all soon and I promise I will get back to posting beautiful and hopefully useful things for all you lovely people. 

We do have another property in mind at the moment, but I don’t want to jinx it so I won’t be posting about that yet. For now you will have to make do with this pretty picture courtesy of Pinterest. I’m working on a longer post for this weekend at the moment and it’s going to be a good one, if I do say so myself, so please pop by and bring cake!



I Cheated On My Old Bathroom…

Repeatedly! So often in fact that I have a top three favourite bathrooms, none of which was the old bathroom. Hey don’t judge me, you didn’t see how ugly it was! So in light of the upcoming bathroom reveal I thought I would post my three favourite bathrooms and see which one you like best.


I love how shabby this is! It feels very “I Capture The Castle” to me. I can just imagine Topaz twirling around that room.
This one is just so light. I have to have lots of light in a room. Beamy cottages are very cute, but I could not live in one.
This one is just perfect right down to the antique scales. I’m thinking about doing a similar mirror idea in our bathroom, but I haven’t quite decided yet. What do you think?

The Shabby Chic Sob

Meaning: to cry profusely over something very beautiful that was not meant to be. “She was doing the shabby chic sob.”.

Yes, dear readers, some unintentionally cruel person has swooped in and bought the house. We can only hope they will restore it to its former glory and not be tempted to rip out every original feature and quirk like so many others. Of course I could also hope they get hit by a bus and the sale doesn’t go through, but that wouldn’t be very nice so we will stick with the hoping the renovation goes well for them thing. 

Ok maybe 90% wishing them well and 10% hoping for that bus. 

So where does that leave theshabbychicproject I hear you ask? Well after I’m done crying in the fetal position I will start the search again and continue posting beautiful things for you lovely people of course!

As they say the show must go on!

Who knows. Maybe our euromillions numbers will come up tomorrow. Then we could buy this little beauty!


This Post Is Brought To You By *EXTREME* Excitement

In exactly 24 hours time we will be going to look at the house! I am far too excited to even think in coherent sentences never mind write in them so here is a pretty picture for you to look at instead. My apologies for the teeny tiny post; normal service will be resumed when I stop bouncing off the walls.



How To Store Your Children!

Now I’m not actually suggesting you find a spare cupboard for your little one to curl up in at night…or am I? No, definitely not. At least not in a scary call social services sort of way. But finding enough room for your children and all the stuff they seem to accumulate (I think the toys in our home have actually started breeding.) is a problem a lot of people have. Childrens possessions are not easy to accommodate, especially modern toys. They are such awkward shapes! Bad enough when you’re trying to wrap these sadistic little parcels at 2am on Christmas Day, but a million times worse over the following years when you have to try to keep them somewhere tidily *and* make sure they are also easily accessible. So what is the answer? A lot of people turn to bunk beds and I must admit I usually don’t see the need to look any further. Two children and two single beds in one room rarely leaves much room for anything else. An extra bed with no loss of floor space you say? Awesome! Where do I sign?

There are so many options when it comes to storing your most precious possession that, with a little research, you should definitely be able to find the one for your childrens bedrooms.                        Image

Now I know this room isn’t exactly short on space, but when you picture what it would look like with four normal beds in there you must see why the bunk bed has become so popular. I absolutely love that they are built into the wall too.                                                                                                                                          


This is an amazing use of such a miniscule space. The shelves are a wonderful idea too: I absolutely hate getting out of a warm bed to go in search of the next book in a series. I would be much happier if all I had to do was reach above my head!


I‘m quite fond of the colour they painted this one. I have a shelving/drawers unit that we use as a changing station in a pretty similar shade.Image

This might be one of my favourite designs for a young boys room.

Of course you *could* always just use a cupboard if you were really stuck. Very Harry Potter.



The Joys of a Large House


Now in our current home the idea of buying a big freestanding piece of furniture to house a mere five eiderdowns would be met with laughter from everyone including the cats. Many a time I have had to be rescued from underneath a sudden avalanche of bedding when I have been putting the laundry away – the cats never rescue: they just laugh.

What do you think of the colour? Is it a brave, unique choice or a step too far away from the neutral/white colour schemes of the Shabby Chic purists? I do love it, but I think I would make it for my daughters room. I always have tons of ideas for the childrens room and struggle to decide what to do with ours. We will have to remedy this!

I’m also totally in love with the quilt second from the bottom, but I know they are as rare as hens teeth and have been listed on ebay for up to £250! I would *definitely* be happy to settle for the armoire. The dream of a home where I would have room to do something like this picture is tantalizingly close…

*she mumbled from beneath a mound of bedding*

Viewing booked!


We took the plunge and booked the viewing for next week. I know as soon as I get in there I will not be able to let this place go so this could be a totally pointless exercise in torture, but I just cannot help myself. There is something about this place! Speaking to the agent today I found out that they have had surprisingly little interest so I’m hoping maybe if we shift our place fast enough we can swoop in there with a relatively low offer and walk away with our dream home. I just hope we can raise enough money to cover the immediate repairs! I did think about auctioning myself on ebay, but apparently that’s not allowed haha. Any ideas? I’d really appreciate any thoughts you have on unique ways to raise funds.

I will be taking *LOTS* of pictures when we are there so stay tuned to see more of my lovely crumbly future home.