How To Store Your Children!

Now I’m not actually suggesting you find a spare cupboard for your little one to curl up in at night…or am I? No, definitely not. At least not in a scary call social services sort of way. But finding enough room for your children and all the stuff they seem to accumulate (I think the toys in our home have actually started breeding.) is a problem a lot of people have. Childrens possessions are not easy to accommodate, especially modern toys. They are such awkward shapes! Bad enough when you’re trying to wrap these sadistic little parcels at 2am on Christmas Day, but a million times worse over the following years when you have to try to keep them somewhere tidily *and* make sure they are also easily accessible. So what is the answer? A lot of people turn to bunk beds and I must admit I usually don’t see the need to look any further. Two children and two single beds in one room rarely leaves much room for anything else. An extra bed with no loss of floor space you say? Awesome! Where do I sign?

There are so many options when it comes to storing your most precious possession that, with a little research, you should definitely be able to find the one for your childrens bedrooms.                        Image

Now I know this room isn’t exactly short on space, but when you picture what it would look like with four normal beds in there you must see why the bunk bed has become so popular. I absolutely love that they are built into the wall too.                                                                                                                                          


This is an amazing use of such a miniscule space. The shelves are a wonderful idea too: I absolutely hate getting out of a warm bed to go in search of the next book in a series. I would be much happier if all I had to do was reach above my head!


I‘m quite fond of the colour they painted this one. I have a shelving/drawers unit that we use as a changing station in a pretty similar shade.Image

This might be one of my favourite designs for a young boys room.

Of course you *could* always just use a cupboard if you were really stuck. Very Harry Potter.




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