The Tale of The Singing Toilet

When we first moved into our current home it was…disgusting; for want of a nicer term. We had to spend a huge amount of time and a fair sum of money to make it livable, but there was just nothing left to put into the bathroom. The best we could do at the time was to rip up the filthy lino and splash a coat of bathroom paint over every suitable surface! Ever since then we have been putting up with what we lovingly refer to as “The Singing Toilet”. Every time you flushed the toilet the whole system would vibrate so violently that it could be heard throughout the building and made any crockery drying in the kitchen fall over. I have lost many a pretty side plate to The Singing Toilet. We had started referring to him with the same level of awe and fear that Gaston Leroux used for The Opera Ghost in “The Phantom of The Opera”. Wonderful quality to have in a baddy from a French classic; not so great when it lives in your bathroom!

In the time that has passed we have managed to buy a lovely roll top bath; a beautiful sink/toilet set at an unbelievable price (the company went under a few months later so it turns out that, no, you can’t sell bathroom suits at that price and make a profit!) and some rather lovely cream subway tiles. There is a special place in my heart reserved for subway tiles: it’s right next to where the hydrangeas and vintage eiderdowns live. So we had *most* of the things we needed when my Dad offered to pay for the work to be carried out. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth I accepted and the workmen descended on our home this past week.

I would like to do these things myself in the future, but perhaps it is better to observe someone else fitting a bathroom and tiling it before you attempt such a challenge yourself. It probably seems a bit daft to be tackling the bathroom when we’re hoping to move soon and I can definitely see the logic there. However I think it will definitely help us to get the best price for this place. I don’t like to admit it, but there’s also a teeny tiny part of me that does not want anyone to think I could possibly be responsible for that monstrosity! hehe

Here is a sneak peek of the first bit of tiling! Hopefully I will have more to show you all next week.



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