To Window Box or Not To Window Box…That Is The Question!


Personally I love window boxes, but would they suit the house? I worry that it’s not a feminine enough style of building to get away with them. Although I suppose there’s nothing wrong with prettying up the exterior! I’m not particularly green fingered (ok massive understatement: I can’t even keep house plants alive), but I’m sure someone out there must be able to give me some tips. Anyway here are some examples of window boxes I like and I thought you guys could let me know what you think would work.

Plants that don’t flower would survive me better wouldn’t they? Or at least not look so bad when they started to die!

Too Mediterranean?

Now I could happily stare at that picture all day, but maybe the deep red flowers wouldn’t look as lovely against the grey stone as they do against the red brick.

That photo gives me major window envy! The actual window boxes are beautiful too, but would white work? Maybe if I cleaned up the stonework first.
I believe this pretty window box is actually owned by the lovely lady who writes . If you haven’t already done so I would definitely recommend checking out her blog: it is absolutely fabulous!

I love the foliage in this one. Especially those beautiful bright green leaves. Is that some type of ivy?



Now this one I think could be a winner! Can anyone identify all the plants in this? The box itself is perfect and I have a soft spot in my heart for hydrangeas. Fun fact of the day for you all: hydrangea flowers change colour based on the pH of the soil they are growing in.

So what do you think. Window boxes. Yay or nay?


3 thoughts on “To Window Box or Not To Window Box…That Is The Question!

  1. Oh i think you should have window boxes,it would look beautiful!
    I agree about the deep red geraniums not looking so great against grey stone but wouldn’t pale pink look lovely 😉 or pink and white against grey stone?

    There is no mistaking Sandy’s cabin is there,so pretty and the white window boxes of hers are lovely indeed.

    Yes i love the hydrangea window box and they have teamed the hydrangea with maiden hair fern and bacopa both which will be in most garden centers come Summer.

    What are we calling your lovely house?……It looks like a Manor to me……. Shabbily Manor? 😉 x


  2. Pink could look lovely! Oooh PINK hydrangeas…

    I would move into Sandys cabin tomorrow if she’d let me!

    Thank you!! I would have had to spend hours trying to identify those plants!lol

    Love the Manor idea for the proper name! I really have no ideas yet. I put out an open invitation on the first post for name suggestions to refer to her (I’ve decided the house is female) so I don’t have to keep typing “the house” every five minutes, but no one has thought of any yet so feel free to pop over and post as many ideas as you have! 🙂


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