The Joys of a Large House


Now in our current home the idea of buying a big freestanding piece of furniture to house a mere five eiderdowns would be met with laughter from everyone including the cats. Many a time I have had to be rescued from underneath a sudden avalanche of bedding when I have been putting the laundry away – the cats never rescue: they just laugh.

What do you think of the colour? Is it a brave, unique choice or a step too far away from the neutral/white colour schemes of the Shabby Chic purists? I do love it, but I think I would make it for my daughters room. I always have tons of ideas for the childrens room and struggle to decide what to do with ours. We will have to remedy this!

I’m also totally in love with the quilt second from the bottom, but I know they are as rare as hens teeth and have been listed on ebay for up to £250! I would *definitely* be happy to settle for the armoire. The dream of a home where I would have room to do something like this picture is tantalizingly close…

*she mumbled from beneath a mound of bedding*


4 thoughts on “The Joys of a Large House

  1. I love the colour it works so well,love the pink and blue together it’s how i am having our room at the cottage,pink cushions and so long as everything else is white its really easy to change the look isn’t it?
    Love your blog x

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