Once upon a time there was a house…



The house said “save me”. I swear it did! Or at least if ever there was a house that needed help badly enough to induce it to talk it would be this one. From the rafters to the floors this place has issues. Big ones, little ones and every kind inbetween too. I will be talking about this house a lot in this blog (well she is the whole point of it so it would be very remiss of me not to mention her frequently), so it seems right that she should have a name. Is she a Hettie, a Betty or, heaven forbid, a Mildred? A Rose, a Mary, a Lady Penelope? Perhaps I should let my lovely, as of yet non existent, readers decide? If you leave a comment with a name suggestion for her then I will pick one from your suggestions. Now the serious bit. This lovely house has been rather neglected. So much so that she has been languishing on the property market for quite some time. The good news is the man person and I can afford to buy her. The bad news is we can’t afford the immediate repairs. Our family are rapidly outgrowing our current home and we dream of living in a place big enough for us to all sit around a dining table together. We want a real family home; one where we raise our children and they come back to visit once in a while when they have flown the nest. One that we make our lifes work to preserve for the next generation. One that will be filled with the sound of our grandchildren when we are old and our faces carry the lines from years of happiness. As much as I adore this house and want it to be our family home the more pressing issue is that if someone doesn’t take on this challenge and save that wonderful building it will be lost. To be converted into soulless boxes with every scrap of character mercilessly ripped out or knocked down because it has become *that* bad; either way I don’t want to let that happen. So I am asking for your help, not necessarily money (although we do need to raise quite a bit of that!), but your help in any way you can give it. For example do you happen to know any good sites for teaching yourself to fit a bathroom?  Do you have a million and one ideas about how to plan a garden or a head full of D.I.Y tips that you are itching to share? Have you seen a picture on Pinterest that you think would be great inspiration for this project? Would you like to donate your time/money/something for auction/supplies etc to save this place? Are you a dab hand at sourcing building supplies at a good price? Do you have a recipe for a faith restoring chocolate cake to give me when I start to think it can’t be done? You can help in all these ways and more. In return you would have my eternal gratitude of course, but more importantly you’ll have played a part in preserving this house. 

I intend to keep this blog going forever if that’s possible. If we manage to raise enough to save this place I will keep you all posted on every aspect of its refurbishment. I want to share this project with as many people as possible. From the important repairs to the decorating and right down to all those Shabby Chic Pinterest finishing touches I’ve been saving. Who knows, with all our minds put together maybe we can make something really special to outlast us all.



Get us trending my lovelies. 🙂


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